Unclaimed Assets

What is an unclaimed asset?

Cash, securities (i.e., socks, bonds, mutual funds) or other receivables held in client accounts will be deemed to be unclaimed assets if certain time periods set out in the provincial legislation expire.


The provinces of Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba have passed legislation that requires Gravitas Securities Inc. (‘GSI’), if GSI holds any unclaimed assets, where the current or last known address of the owner is in either Quebec, Alberta, BC, or Manitoba to make reasonable efforts to contact clients and to allow owners to locate their unclaimed assets.


Residents of Quebec

For information on how to make a claim or an appeal against an unclaimed asset, Quebec residents should contact Revenu Québec directly at 1-866-840-6939 or visit Revenu Québec - Unclaimed property.


The applicable Quebec legislation is known as the Public Curator Act


Residents of Alberta

For information on how to make a claim or an appeal against an unclaimed asset, Alberta residents should contact the Alberta Finance, Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) directly at 780-427-3044 (for toll-free service in Alberta, call 310-0000; then enter 780-427-3044) or visit



The applicable legislation is known as the Alberta Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act and Regulation. Both were enacted on September 1, 2008.


Residents of British Columbia

For information about unclaimed assets held in investment and mutual fund accounts or an interest in an estate or trust, B.C. residents may contact the British Columbia Unclaimed Property Society at 1-888-662-2877 or http://www.unclaimedpropertybc.ca/


As well, for information with respect to unclaimed assets, or to make a claim or appeal against an unclaimed asset, B.C. residents may contact their account provider (i.e., their broker, investment dealer, trust company or mutual fund dealer) as follows:


The applicable B.C. legislation is known as the Unclaimed Property Act.


Client in other Provinces

If you believe that you or someone upon whose behalf you are acting has unclaimed property with ‘GSI’, you can submit a search request to the GSI Compliance Department.


Please provide the following information:

·      Fill out the Unclaimed Asset Search form (link to Unclaimed Property Search Request)

·      Provide a copy of personal identification with photo ID and current address

·      Other supporting documentation such as a previous client statement or other documents you feel are relevant


Ensure to include all documentation relative to your request. If you are acting in a representative capacity for the property owner, please submit a copy of the document which provides you with authority to make the request (i.e., Power or Attorney, proxy or authorization), accompanied by a copy of a piece of your personal identification as well as a copy of a piece of the owner’s personal identification.


Please complete and submit the Unclaimed assets search request form to the following address:


Gravitas Securities Inc.

Bay Adelaide Centre

333 Bay Street, Suite 1700

Toronto, Ontario,  M5H 2R2

Attention: Compliance Department, Unclaimed Assets


Please anticipate up to 90 days for a request to be processed and a claimant notified of the result. This period extends from the moment that GSI has received all documentation required for the search until it has been completed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.